Are Your Students Rocking the Lab?

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Classroom teachers are my heroes. I can’t think of anyone else who is more dedicated to the overall well-being of 23+ children on a daily basis. They wear every hat in the book and I am in awe of how they multitask their way through the day. This leaves very little time for them to explore digital tools and figure out how to incorporate them into their lessons. I started a project over winter break that I hope will assist teachers in their efforts. Rock the Lab is a website dedicated to providing students with TEKS based lessons that follow the NEISD scope and sequence.  Each grade level has their own page that contains a lesson for every content area. Teachers have a section of their own with video tutorials on how to create student accounts for various web based tools or login to district resources like Google Drive and Discovery Education. My hope is that this site will expose teachers and students to a greater number of applications, thus giving them more options when creating projects. The link to the site is permanently located in the navigation menu at the top of this blog. Students can access by going to

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