Modern Chalkboard is a SMART Choice


Download from our large collection of professionally created SMARTBoard Notebook files for teachers. Most activities are common-core aligned. We have math, ELA, science and social studies lessons. Members have complete access to all files on the website. Please explore our … Continue reading 

Are Your Students Rocking the Lab?

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Classroom teachers are my heroes. I can’t think of anyone else who is more dedicated to the overall well-being of 23+ children on a daily basis. They wear every hat in the book and I am in awe of how … Continue reading 

NEISD Technology Spotlight: Kelly Miksch and James Hoyer


For the past 2 years, NEISD has implemented a huge SMART Board installation initiative, followed by endless hours of best practices professional development, model/co-teach opportunities and cohorts to ensure each and every SMART Board was utilized to its fullest potential. … Continue reading