The Thanksgiving in America Interactive Textbook

Last year I was truly inspired by Susan Oxnevad’s Living in the US – Bring the Textbook to Life Challenge. It provided students and teachers the opportunity to work collaboratively in the creation of an interactive textbook. I knew I wanted to use this same concept with my district and thought Thanksgiving research would be the perfect content area. Sherry Philippus, Northwood Elementary Librarian, came up with the different chapters and essential questions that would make up the content of the book. I then used Canva to create the cover image and chapter pages. We had a special group of 4th grade students research the various topics and create the multimedia content. Finally, all the chapters were combined into one Thinglink Channel that is embedded on the school’s Lib Guide. This is an example of content created by students, for students. 

For additional Thanksgiving Themed Lessons, check out my Listly List below.

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