The Google Classroom Classroom Experiment

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I’m trying something new this week with my 4 NEISD elementary campuses. I’ve created a Google Classroom Classroom with the intention of introducing teachers to the functionality and idea of a paperless classroom environment. Each day I will assign a quick 5 minute activity that highlights a different Google App for Education. I’m finding that self-paced online learning is quickly becoming the preferred training method for many educators that don’t have the time to attend face to face sessions. Google Classroom is the perfect vehicle to disseminate information, curate educational resources, and provide a place for online discussion and teacher feedback. I’m curious to see the level of participation and benefits of this type of PD vs. traditional methods. If you are interested in participating, login to your Google Classroom account and enter the code: nin9rw8. The first assignment will be posted on Monday, November  9, 2015. I’ll make sure to update this post once the week long Google Classroom activity is complete.


The Google Classroom activity was a huge success! 35 teachers agreed to participate in this week long experiment and learned what a paperless environment looks like from the perspective of a student. I’m including a slideshow of screenshots below so you can see the daily assignments. Most teachers were already familiar with Google Classroom, so they just needed some ideas on how it can support classroom instruction. Not every teacher completed each assignment, which is fine. My goal was just to get them to open the door and take a peek inside. I’m definitely going to continue using this platform to facilitate district wide technology challenges and professional development opportunities. Feel free to leave comments below describing how you use Google Classroom.

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2 thoughts on “The Google Classroom Classroom Experiment

  1. Aw crumb! I was so hoping this was still happening: I was unable to participate due to my own insane schedule in November/December. Is there any way to still join the classroom and review the “old posts” and assignments, just to learn more about it? My librarian participated and loved it!

    Much obliged!!

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