Summer Learning Series: Travel Across the Curriculum with Google Earth

The next edition of my summer learning series features my all time favorite technology experience (notice I didn’t use the word tool). Google acquired Keyhole Earth Viewer in 2004 and was launched as Google Earth in 2005. Since then, I have been obsessed with discovering everything I ever wanted to know about our planet’s physical features, or specific destinations I know I’ll never get around to visiting on an educator’s budget. I recently put together a resource for K-12 teachers that showcases how you can support classroom instruction across the curriculum utilizing Google Earth Pro, Web and App. The presentation begins with basic navigation skills for all 3 versions and goes into more detail with advanced features such as Voyager, Street View, creating tours, and toggling between Moon, Sky and Mars.

There are numerous slides that allow you to practice the skills referenced in the video tutorials. Towards the end of the presentation, each curriculum area has specific examples of lessons that allow you to see the power of Google Earth in the classroom. Click here to make a copy of the presentation below. 

WARNING: Once you discover how cool Google Earth is, you will spend many, many hours of your summer vacation traveling to exotic locations. 

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