Creating a SMART Command Center

SMART Boards can be so much more than an expensive display for your projected desktop image or something underneath a document camera. They have the potential to provide students with the opportunity to engage with content, facilitate task management, and promote an interactive learning space for both whole and small group instruction. Below are some easy ways to create a “SMART Command Center” for your classroom.

  1. This is a simple website that will help you facilitate any lesson you are teaching throughout the day. Think of it as control central for managing time and responsibilities. You can read more about Classroom Screen in my previous blog post.
  2. Annotate PDFs using SMART Ink Document Viewer: View PDF files with the SMART Ink Document Viewer and use SMART Ink to annotate over them. What makes this so great is that the digital ink layer stays in place as your document scrolls up and down.
  3. Quick Formative Assessments Using SMART LAB Activities: Gamify your exit tickets with these quick activities that make checking for understanding fun and engaging.
  4. Take Attendance and Lunch Count: Check out this curated list of already created Notebook files for each month
  5. Use your SMART Board as a station for Flipped Instruction: You can create a recorded lesson using the SMART recorder or students can use the SMART recorder to make their thinking visible!
  6. Flippity Skip the Spreadsheet: Create random name generators and word games without having to use a Spreadsheet
  7. Badge Tracker: This free tool allows you to award and display classroom badges.
  8. Bouncy Balls This site uses your computer’s microphone to monitor the noise level of your classroom.
  9. Go Noodle: GoNoodle helps teachers and parents get kids moving with short interactive activities. Desk-side movement helps kids achieve more by keeping them engaged and motivated throughout the day.
  10. Display a Learning Menu: Give students choice as to how they apply their newly acquired knowledge. (From Kasey Bell)
  11. Create an Interactive Word Wall: This tool makes it quick and easy to create interactive word walls
  12. Display Learning Strategies: This site contains a plethora of learning strategy ideas for whole, small group, and individual instruction.
  13. Smart Exchange is a website where you can download free lessons for your Smart Board and Smart Notebooks. From Jeopardy templates to a map of the 50 states, it’s worth a look to see what you can find!
  14. Virtual Math Manipulatives This site contains links to some amazing free to use sites that make math visual.
  15. Draw a Stickman: I’m not even going to explain this one…you just have to do it!


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