Windcrest Kinders Travel to Africa

During the week of April 16, the Kindergarten at Windcrest Elementary used Google Earth to travel to Africa in search of animal adventure. Our first destination was Lion Park, South Africa. They used their “binoculars” to get a close up look at a lion’s body parts and how they help him survive in the wild. Then they used Switchzoo to create an animal of their own and design a habitat to support its basic needs.












Our second destination took us to Timbe Elephant Park where we learned how the elephant uses his trunk in various ways. The students completed a Kidspiration activity where they used their “trunk” to paint a picture like a very special elephant from Thailand.












Our final destination was Cameroon, Africa, home to the world’s largest frog. We learned what a frog looks like during each stage of his life cycle by viewing an interactive tutorial from Harcourt School.












While visiting each location in Africa, the students filled in their research using a Passport. Below you will find the Google Earth KMZ and Passport used in this virtual field trip. Other Google Earth virtual field trips can be found on my Teacher Web. Please let me know if you are interested in creating a virtual field trip for your grade level.

Kinder Safari

kinder vft passport



One thought on “Windcrest Kinders Travel to Africa

  1. Super cool virtual field trip to Africa! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m going to try parts of it in my 1st grade computer labs. The Switchzoo site is amazing and I can already imagine the kids giggling and having a blast sharing their creations. Google Earth crashed on my Mac while I was trying to go on the safari and view the archives of the elephant park, but maybe I’ll have more luck at school on my PC. Hope so. Thanks again! Jeanne
    P.S. I usually use my iPad to preview your site and now that I’m on my Mac I just noticed your Tag Cloud. Cool! I really like the 3d effect. Would you please share how you did this? I have a website but not an edublog and would love to add something like this. Maybe I can’t but thought I’d ask you. Thanks!

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