Poetry Palooza at East Terrell Hills

Over the past 6 weeks I have had the pleasure of working with a group of 4th grade students at East Terrell Hills Elementary, San Antonio. We spent 3 days exploring the different types of figurative language poets use as well as the elements of poetry. The students worked very hard to create this “poetry palooza” project using various iPad apps:

  • Inspiration Lite graphic organizer template helped us explain the elements of poetry
  • Sock Puppets was used to create a video of onomatopoeia examples identified in various poems
  • iCard Sort allowed us to categorize ¬†similes and metaphors
  • Corkulous helped to showcase different ways authors use the 5 senses in their poems
  • Songify produced a “Personification Rap”
All of the above apps are free in iTunes except for iCardSort, however, iBrainstorm can also be used for this task. Glogster was used to showcase a digital poster of all completed activities. Special thanks to Mrs. Navarro’s students for all their hard work!

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