Changing/Printing Underlay for SmartSlate

   1.  Turn on your SmartSlate so it is connected and functioning.
   2.  Right click on the Smartboard Tools icon in the bottom right         side of your screen by the computer’s clock.
   3.  Select “Control Panel”.
   4.  Click “Smart Hardware Tools” on the left side of the window            that appears.
5.  Select “Setup Underlay and Icon Strip” from the pulldown menu in the middle of the window.

**If you are wanting to just use the default tools on the Slate, simply click “Print” at the bottom right side of the window.  Cut out the underlay and place it under the thin, clear plastic film on the top of your Slate.

**If you would like to change the tools that are on your Slate, click the “Setup Icon Strip” button and change the tools that appear on your slate.  After you’ve finished making changes, click “Apply” at the bottom right and then print the underlay to match the changes.

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