Daily Challenges to Move from Survive to Arrive

About 2 weeks ago I participated in a webinar hosted by Candice Dodson, Nadine Gilkison, and Lisa Highfill about Coaching in Crisis. It provided valuable insight for those of us who are supporting educators with little or no technology integration experience. Before school closures due to the pandemic, technology coaches often use the SAMR model to assist with transformational teaching practices. Dr. Jennifer Chang Wathall created a similar framework that illustrates the same transformation in an eLearning environment. She offers a great, in-depth explanation in this video:

In order to assist the teachers in my district, I started a 5 minute daily challenge that offers easy ideas to help move them from the survive stage to the arrive stage. Feel free to partake and share with your colleagues. Check back often as I will update daily. Click here to view full screen.


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