Stuff That Rocks for the Week of January 13

RIP Rock the Lab. I decided last year to no longer maintain the site because of the time it took away from my personal life. The archived version that I moved to this blog had outdated resources and broken links, so I made the decision to permanently remove the site. However, I do want to continue to provide you with all of the content I was either making myself or curating from other content creators on the web. Stuff That Rocks will be a weekly post that shares inspirational lessons or tools that can support engagement and interactive lesson design. Check out 5 things I found recently that will hopefully rock your week.

The embedded presentation below is from a site called It. Is. So. Cool. Click on each number to see the content. If the font is too small to read as is, click on the 3 dots in the bottom right corner to make it full screen.

3 thoughts on “Stuff That Rocks for the Week of January 13

  1. Hi Laura,
    Thank for sharing the example. I have used this a few times. Would you also share what type of interaction it is, I’m assuming it’s an Interactive Image. And then how did you get the pop up to display as you did?
    Again, many thanks for sharing, and I love your blog.
    Kind regards

    • Thanks so much! This one is under the category of “Guide” and the name of the template is Numbers List. I do have the Pro account, so it might not be one of the free ones. It was already made with the animations so I just typed in my text and added multimedia content. It’s really easy.

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