Tool of the Month: Google Maps

Back in December, I attended the Region 20 Area Google Apps for Education Summit. All of the presenters were fantastic, and all shared new skills that I have added to my toolkit. One presentation in particular made me shriek with joy (yes, I tend to do that at conferences). Charlotte Dolat (@fab5thgrade), Instructional Coach at Alamo Heights ISD, presented a session on using Google Maps in the Classroom. 

I’ve used Google Maps and Google Earth before, but not in the creative way that Charlotte came up with to support Math curriculum. This lesson, titled Math in the US!, takes students on a journey across the country where they have to solve math problems based on famous landmarks. She covertly throws in fun trivia whilst kids practice math skills. She also created a recording sheet for students to work out their solutions. 

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 8.32.49 AM

I’ve created lots of resources over the years for using Google Maps, My Maps (formerly known as Maps Engine Lite) and Google Earth to support classroom instruction. Feel free to use or share.


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