Creative Writing App Smash

Earlier this month I decided to participate in the Thinglink App Smash Challenge, facilitated by Susan Oxnevad. The goal is to use ThingLink as a presentation tool to demonstrate how to combine the functionality of two or more apps to create, publish and share content. It was more difficult than I thought because I had a hard time narrowing down which apps I wanted to use in my submission. I finally decided on Book Creator because of its cross-curricular nature, and its ability to include various types of media. Here is the flow of the lesson:

  1. Students choose a scene maker app to create an original visual writing prompt
  2. Students upload their image to Book Creator
  3. Add original composition using the text feature
  4. Add narration by recording
  5. Publish final project as e Book or movie

Thanks, Susan, for another great challenge! Click here to view all of the challenge submissions. Click here to view the App Smashing with Thinglink Webinar. 



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