What is it? TagMyDoc is a web application that revolutionizes the way we share documents. At its most basic form, we apply a QR Code on a document so when readers scan the tag, they can get the virtual copy of said document. Also, TagMyDoc offers numerous other modern ways to share documents such as sharing to social networks & email.

Why is it green? When someone wants a copy of your document, and chooses to scan it in order to retrieve its virtual copy, it relieves you from the burden of having to print it physically. You’ll save precious energy, time and paper.

Can I modify a tagged document without changing the tag?  Absolutely! It is very easy to tag a new version of a document without changing the QR code. Once you browse to your document in your account, you will see the “Versions” tab that you need to select. After, a big blue “Tag a New Version” button will be shown. That’s where you want to select the new version of your document.

Here is an example using a handout from one of my classes: Google Earth Placemarks:

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