Flip Your Classroom With LearnZillion

What is LearnZillion? (Taken from FAQs)

LearnZillion is a web-based application that helps teachers and parents meet the educational needs of every student. They offer 2000 lessons that were built from the Common Core standards and were created by some of the top public and private school teachers from around the country. Each lesson includes a short video, downloadable lesson guide and resources, and coach’s commentary to help with teacher development. They are also a vibrant and growing community of educators working to improve our teaching practice through collaboration.

There are many ways to use LearnZillion. You can use their resources to help you plan everything from an individual lesson to your entire year. Watch the videos for ideas on how to teach a specific topic. Download the lesson slides and present them as part of your direct instruction or adapt them as part of a new lesson plan. Watch videos as a class or in small-groups. Assign videos directly to students or groups to pre-teach or review material or as a way to differentiate instruction in class.

Creating an account is super simple! Just click on “Teachers” in the upper-right corner of any page where it says “Sign Up,” then enter in your name, email and password. If you have a Google Account you can also sign in using that so that you have one less password to remember. Easy and free!

For more information about using the site and creating class assignments, click here.

Here is an example of a 4th grade lesson on locating benchmark numbers on a number line:

  1. Give your students a quick code to watch this lesson ( see what your students will see! ) and have your students take notes to reinforce the concepts.
  2. Send home this letter introducing parents to LearnZillion and telling them how to support their student’s learning at home.
  3. Download the lesson slides and use them to plan your instruction.
  4. Do a deep dive of a Common Core standard with colleagues using this protocol for discussion.

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