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Virtual field trips challenge and expose students to new types of technology. It is a great way to spark their interest and motivate their learning in a specific content area. Virtual field trips can offer students more opportunities because you can take them to places they wouldn’t normally be able to go to otherwise – like inside a volcano or ocean floor! In addition, virtual field trips may even boost students’ reading comprehension skills and will expose them to different cultures and environments.

While virtual field trips offer a great learning opportunity, they can be hard to organize and time consuming.

Below are examples of Virtual Field Trips created in Google Earth. Please contact me or your campus ITS if you would like to use one of the VFTs listed below, or if you would like assistance in creating one for your grade level.


Tech Camp Class Agenda(doc file – 47kb)

Virtual Field Trip Preparation Checklist(doc file – 32kb)

Example of Passport(pub file – 1,722kb)

Example of Recording Journal in Word(doc file – 1,318kb)

Example of Recording Journal in Publisher(pub file – 604kb)

Creating Folders and Placemarks in Google Earth(doc file – 3,703kb)

Elementary Tour Recording Sheet(doc file – 113kb)

Google Earth Elementary Tour(kmz file – 1kb)

Elementary Tour Graph Club(gcl file – 44kb)

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