When I Grow Up, I Want to be Lisa

So, my tech tip this week is someone else’s blog…The Fabulous Lisa Johnson, NEISD ITS.  Yes, it’s OK if you say her blog is better than mine.  It is.  This is the first place I come to when I need a new and innovative technology integration idea.  I have no idea how she finds the time to do what she does.  I’ve decided she doesn’t sleep at night.  Lisa is a master of the iPad.  If you have any kind of iDevice, personal or professional, you will want to bookmark this site: http://www.techchef4u.com/  Put everything down right now and check it out!

Using More Than One App at a Time

While my husband was watching football on a Saturday afternoon (ugh), I decided to play around with this new app I found.  It’s not free ($4.99), but it’s crazy cool.  Corkulous is a great app for allowing students to explain Math, Science, or any other concepts they are learning in the classroom.  It allows you to upload images, create post-it notes to explain information and works great with other apps such as Doodle Buddy if you want to add personal drawings.  Here is an example I used to explain the water cycle:









The app also allows you to create a template as well as beginning a new project from scratch.  I uploaded some images in dropbox that I knew I wanted to include in this explanation.  When I finished my corkboard, I saved the image in My Photos on the iPad.  Then I opened Doodle Buddy, inserted my corkboard, and drew the arrows to represent the order of each process.  The last step was to save the image again and email it to myself.  It sounds tricky at first, but once you (and your kids) get the hang of it, the sky is the limit!

The Four Seasons App Task Card

I came across this adorable app called Four Seasons in the iTunes app store. ( I love it when I find something cute and it’s FREE!)  This app is perfect for a Science or Language Arts technology workstation. First, search the app store and download it on your iDevice.  It looks like this-

I have also included a task card for you to use. There are other free books as well as this one. You can access them on the last page of the book. Enjoy!

Task Card for Four Seasons App