Summer Learning Series: Smashboard Edu

Real world problem solving has often been an area of implementation where I have struggled. There’s a lot of problems out there, but which ones are the most appropriate and relevant for elementary age students? And, (the more difficult question to answer) exactly how do I go about facilitating a lesson that ensures student success? What questions do I ask that will help guide THEM to finding the solution and addresses all of the curriculum learning objectives?

I was thrilled when I came across Smashboard Edu via Dee Lanier on Twitter. According to Lanier, 

“Smashboard Edu is a gamified learning process that leads learners through the design-thinking process, involves app-smashing, collaborative goal-setting, and iteration. The main objective is to create a unique product that solves a relevant, real-world problem.”

The process is what I found so helpful. He lays it out in this very easy to follow Google Presentation that can be adapted to fit any subject area.

You can read more about how to play here. He also has a list of 107 apps students can use to explain their solution here. Below are additional resources you might find useful when coming up with a topic for your Smashboard Edu activity.

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