Summer Learning Series: NEISD Tech Camp

Each week from now until mid August, I’ll post a series of summer learning opportunities for those that are looking to try something new in the Fall. This first week will feature the classes I’m offering at my district’s annual Tech Camp on June 11-12.

It’s no secret that for the past few years I have become obsessed with Google. One app that I have struggled with in the past is spreadsheets. I understood the basic functionality, but didn’t really see how I could use it outside of obvious math connections. Thank goodness for Alice Keeler. After a year of participating in her Go Slow Workshops, I am now able to share a variety of templates, ideas and add-ons. Click here to access resources for A Spreadsheet Can Do That?


The second class I’m offering is a collection of ideas and resources I’ve been curating for while to support the 4Cs. Click here to access Using G Suite to Foster the 4Cs.


The third class introduces teachers to micro-credentialing for students. Rock the Lab offers students the opportunity to earn cool Star Wars themed badges while learning the basic functionality of Google Docs, Slides, Sheets and Drawings. Click here to access Google Jedi Training Academy.

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