NEISD Technology Spotlight: Kelly Miksch and James Hoyer

For the past 2 years, NEISD has implemented a huge SMART Board installation initiative, followed by endless hours of best practices professional development, model/co-teach opportunities and cohorts to ensure each and every SMART Board was utilized to its fullest potential. There were many key players involved, but I must give a personal shoutout to Kelly Miksch (Instructional Technology Specialist) and James Hoyer (Assistant Director of Instructional Technology) for spearheading this incredible endeavor. SMART Technologies was so impressed with our district’s efforts that they sent a film crew out to create the video embedded below. 

“In recent years, North East Independent School District (NEISD) in Texas has implemented SMART Boards, SMART Notebook and SMART amp. Every instructional classroom has transformed with increased engagement where students create learning, connect with one another and their teacher and produce meaningful outcomes.

Find out more about SMART solutions for your classroom:

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