Using the Interactive Reading Features in iOS8

I just recently finished the entire A Song of Ice and Fire series, by George RR Martin on my iPad. There was NO WAY I could have possibly kept all of the thousands of characters straight in my head (not to mention funerals) if it weren’t for the built-in interactive reading features in iBooks. Fortunately, iBooks allows you to search for every time a particular character is mentioned, which allowed me to go back and reread to jog my aging memory. These interactive reading features are a total game changer for struggling student readers. It’s so easy to take notes, write down connections you have to the story, ask questions, define unknown words and highlight important information to strengthen comprehension skills. 

I usually create resources for educators on this blog, however, this time my post is aimed at parents. One of my favorite new children’s books currently in the iTunes store is What This Story Needs is a Pig in a Wig, written by Emma Virjan. This book is very similar to Dr. Suess in that it contains rhyming words and cumulative text. I’ve created a 3 page Thinglink slideshow below that will walk you through 10 interactive reading features that both parents and teachers can use with children. Each tip is a video tutorial that walks you through that particular skill. Hover your mouse over the icon to view the resource. Enjoy!

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