NEISD Technology Spotlight: Vineyard Ranch

NEISD Instructional Technology Specialist Kelly Miksch and Vineyard Ranch Librarian Lisa Barnes worked together to create an amazing collaborative SMART Amp lesson for their 4th grade students. This lesson had many interactive components and utilized several different devices and tools. The curriculum was a mixture of Big 6 Research Skills and 4th grade Texas History TEKS. The objective of the lesson was for students to work in small groups to research, organize, and create a multimedia presentation based on their assigned Texian. Lisa published a video to help guide students through the creative process and also demonstrates how SMART Amp works:

What I really liked about this lesson was the way all of the resources were packaged in one place using this Lib Guide. The students were able to access all materials needed to explain their project, video tutorials on how to use specific apps, and links to resources that supported and guided their research. By using SMART Amp, Lisa and Kelly were able to visually guide them in their research by providing specific spaces for each component of the lesson. Students can easily modify each section with their content. 

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 7.03.29 AM

The final product that each group submitted was a great example of the way that SMART Amp allows students to work collaboratively. Below are some screenshots of one group’s work:

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