Thinglink Multimedia Cheat Sheets

One thing I’ve learned about younger students is that multitasking is a skill learned over time. Actually, I’ve learned the hard way. There have been many a day when I felt like pulling my hair out simply because we have 3 tabs open at one time. Once students reach the end of 2nd grade, multitasking becomes much easier for them. They just need time and practice. This year, my focus has been the implementation of Thinglink for cross-curricular projects. I want students to be able to include different types of multimedia, but finding the content and actually copy/pasting the links into their interactive image has been a challenge. For my 2nd grade food chains project, I decided to create a Thinglink multimedia cheat sheet. I found the content ahead of time and pasted the links in a shared Google Doc that was then linked to the project. Now all they have to do is copy/paste the “blue words”, aka hyperlinks, from the Google Doc to the Thinglink tag editor. This has really helped the students practice basic technology skills while allowing me to have a much thicker head of hair. I’ve embedded the project below. Hover over the Google icon to see an example of the cheat sheet. Hopefully, this idea will make your life a little easier.

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