Edublog Bonanza in NEISD!

Blogging has become very popular in our district over the past few months. NEISD has subscribed to Edublogs (CampusPress) for several years now, but lately there have been some VERY exciting digital opportunities for our students. Jodi Harris (@jodiharris16), Reading teacher at Bush Middle School, recently started using the blogging platform to support her reading curriculum.

“This avenue has given my students a window into authentic writing for an audience of their peers as well as others outside the four walls of our classroom.  I have received some of my most authentic writing all year, especially from those reserved students who don’t speak up in class, but write beautifully in their blogs.”
– Jodi Harris

Another reason for the recent increase in blogging activity is the popularity of the NEISD Bloggin’ Boot Camp. The boot camp consists of 5 face-to-face sessions that are based on the 2014 Edublog Teacher Challenges. Teachers may attend one or all of the sessions based on their knowledge of the blogging process. Each session lasts 1 hour and will focus on different aspects of blogging. There are 1-2 weeks between each session to process new knowledge, practice new skills, and communicate with mentors and other teachers that are passionate about blogging.

I’ve compiled a list of teachers that are stepping out of their comfort zone in order to bring a global audience to the classroom. These enthusiastic teachers are taking some brave steps towards transforming teaching and learning through technology. Check back often, as I will continue to add to this quickly growing list.

I would love to hear from more educators (not just in NEISD) that are currently using student blogging as part of their teaching practices. Please fill out the form below if you would like to share your experiences.

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