Interactive Sites for Your SMARTboard

When creating Notebook files for teachers, I usually structure the lesson with the following 3 components: introduction, guided practice and checking for understanding. There are many sites that provide free content for each of these components. Study Jams! is a free site by Scholastic that provides interactive multimedia lessons to support Science and Math concepts. You can find over 200 topics and each works great on the SMARTboard. Click here to download an example Notebook lesson that supports area and perimeter.  Below is a slideshow of the class I will be presenting at the SMART User’s Conference in June of this year (more information will be provided later). Each page contains links to interactive sites that support the curriculum for that particular area. Many of the websites featured are free and easy to use. Some are more complex and require a user guide for site navigation. You can find links to video tutorials and user guides in the attachments tab of the Notebook file. Click here to download the complete presentation.

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