January Themed Technology Lessons

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As the new year approaches, we naturally tend to reflect on the success of our teaching practices and seek out ways to improve our craft. The one resolution I hear most often is to include more technology throughout the year. The intent and effort is there in January as the labs see more visitors, however, as STAAR testing approaches, teachers tend to revert back to their pencil/paper driven instruction. One of the goals I have this year as an instructional technology specialist is to bridge the gap of discomfort for those teachers that find it difficult to take the “technology plunge”. My first few posts will be dedicated to rethinking how teachers use graphic organizers and worksheets in the classroom. But, before we dive into new ideas, let’s look at this month’s collection of January themed technology lessons. Below you will find fun ideas for the lab or iPad that will keep your students warm and cozy. Check back often as I am still updating the list.

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