An Explanation of NEISD Directories

This wonderful explanation of various NEISD drives comes from Teresa Brown, NEISD ITS:

Staff Shared: a repository for documents and files that an entire staff, committee, group or grade level needs access to. Not a place for your personal files since all staff members have access. Meant for short to mid-range storage. When something is no longer needed or out of date, please delete it.

Personal Drive: Each staff member and student has their own.This is where you and your students keep files for the long-term. Only accessible and editable by the owner. I recommend this location as the best spot for students to save their work. Personally, I keep anything that I have also shared in staff shared or student shared here as well b/c things are deleted from shared drives unintentionally all the time and computers crash. This is the only place that your files are truly secure and backed up (once a week by the district). Students can save to their personal drives and you can access their work.  See attachment for how-to’s.

Student Shared: It is nice and clean now, let’s keep it that way. There is a folder for each grade level. This is where you store (short-term) files, templates, hotlists, web page shortcuts, etc. that your students need access to. Everything should be in grade level folders. You can decide as a grade level how you want to organize your grade level folder, perhaps by subject matter or by teacher. Your choice. Once students have completed the units, please delete the templates to keep the folders uncluttered for student use. Students should not have to dig through multiple levels to get to a template. Not a place to keep your one and only copy of something. Students cannot save here.

Student Work Drop Folder: designed to be a place for students to turn in their work. Should be organized by grade level\teacher\student name if you choose to have kids save here, know that it is not secure. Other students can access, delete and modify work that is stored here. It requires more clicks for kids to save here than to their personal drives.

Below you will find a document that shows you how to access your students’ directories.

Accessing Student Folders

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