What in the Worldle can you do with Wordle?

I’d like to give a shout out to Mrs. Martin’s 5th Grade class at Windcrest Elementary!  Today we co-taught a lesson on Matter using Wordle.net.  The students brought their Science journals to the lab and used their notes on the different types of matter to create a word cloud.  I like using Wordle because it’s free and students don’t need to create accounts to use it.  I am attaching a “How to use Wordle” document in case you have never seen this tool before. One tip I have discovered is that it doesn’t always work in Internet Explorer.  If you come across this problem, download Firefox and update your computer to the latest version of Java.  Your ITS can help you with this if you aren’t sure how.  Here is an example:








Here are some other ways you can integrate Wordle into your curriculum:

  • Language Arts-Create a main idea and summary word cloud about a particular story-copy and paste the main idea in 2 or 3 times to make it larger than the details, practice spelling words or word wall words, character traits for the main character in a story
  • Math-Type in different ways to make a certain dollar amount, factors of numbers or math facts
  • Science-vocabulary words and definitions for any concept (Landforms-mountains, rivers, ocean, lakes, plains, basin…)
  • PE-bones and muscles in the body
  • Music-different genres or artists
  • Social Studies-Indian tribes of Texas, Major battles of the Civil War, Facts about Presidents or inventors

 Wordle -How To

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