Windows 10 Upgrade and iPad DEP Process

The Technology Services Department has been working diligently over the past several months to put systems and process in place to allow us to make a final push through the District with our Windows 10 migration and iPad update initiatives.

Windows 10

  • Most student desktops and laptops have already been upgraded, with the exception of VDI (currently being tested).
  • There will be an in-place upgrade that is designed to maintain the integrity of the individual user files and data. We will not need to collect laptops in order to conduct the upgrade as teachers are able to initiate the process on the designated deployment day while in the classroom. 
  • Although the in-place upgrade is designed to maintain user data, we will recommend that users backup their data as a best practice prior to the upgrade taking place.
  • Video tutorials and resources have been posted to help guide you through this transition.
  • The following day, Technology Services will be on campus starting at 6:30 to ensure the upgrade process is successful. We will remain on campus all day to troubleshoot any problems. If you do encounter a problem, please fill out this form and a technician will come to your room.


iPad DEP Process

  • Apple released a new process known as DEP that provides us with the ability to enroll and manage District iPads from our centralized management console more effectively. While we are on campus conducting the Windows 10 migration, we will wipe, update, and enroll student iPads in order to bring them up to a consistent operational level for improved instructional use.