NEISD Launchpad

  • If you use Internet Explorer on a VDI or Thinkpad, students are not prompted to login. When they click on Sign In it goes straight to their dashboard.
  • If you use Chrome on a VDI, Thinkpad, or Chromebook it prompts you to login using the following credentials:
    • username is: (same as the one they use to login to the VDI computer but add
    • Password is: student ID number
    • Why would you use Chrome instead of Internet Explorer? Because Google Apps are sometimes wonky in IE. For example, I’ve noticed revision history doesn’t work in IE.
  • All NEISD controlled apps will have their credentials saved in the password locker (Google Drive, iStation, Stemscopes, library portal resources like Pebble Go and Discovery Education, and Smart Amp)
  • All 3rd party apps might be in their dashboards but won’t have credentials entered. For example: Seesaw, Thinglink or Prodigy has nothing to do with NEISD, so how would they know what your class credentials are? You have to create the accounts, have students right click on the app and add their credentials to the password locker. This is a one time task. Once entered, Launchpad will automatically log them in from that point on.
  • Students must add their own apps if they are not already on the dashboard. All they do is click on the plus icon, type the name of the app, and click on add. Super easy!
  • Launchpad will work on the ipad. Download the app here.
  • Here is the student launchpad hyperdoc
  • Here is the teacher launchpad hyperdoc
  • VDI Login Cards 1      VDI Login Cards 2
  • Launchpad Login Cards for when you use Chrome
  • Directions for Student use of Launchpad at Home
  • Directions for accessing iStation through Launchpad at Home

Explore this interactive image for a tour: