NEISD Technology Spotlight: Kelly Miksch and James Hoyer

For the past 2 years, NEISD has implemented a huge SMART Board installation initiative, followed by endless hours of best practices professional development, model/co-teach opportunities and cohorts to ensure each and every SMART Board was utilized to its fullest potential. … Continue reading 

NEISD Technology Spotlight: Vineyard Ranch

NEISD Instructional Technology Specialist Kelly Miksch and Vineyard Ranch Librarian Lisa Barnes worked together to create an amazing collaborative SMART Amp lesson for their 4th grade students. This lesson had many interactive components and utilized several different devices and tools. The curriculum was a … Continue reading 

NEISD Technology Spotlight: Sara Romine

It’s poetry month! To celebrate this annual event, Sara Romine, librarian at Woodstone Elementary, is facilitating a Skype session between 4th graders from San Antonio, TX and 2nd graders from South Burlington, VT. She found them via Twitter and the Poem in Your Pocket … Continue reading