Technology Lapbooking

What is Lapbooking?

A lapbook is a hands-on tool that you can use with your students in place of worksheets or other monotonous learning tools. It can be used with any grade level and with any subject matter!  Lapbooks become portfolios that your students create about a particular topic or unit of study. They are easy to store and fit into a file cabinet, file box, or magazine holder with ease. In addition, lapbooks are an instant review tool for assessments.

How Can I Integrate Technology With Lapbooking?

Lapbooks are made up of smaller projects using Microsoft Office applications.  When all foldable projects are printed, the student uses file folders to create a comprehensive portfolio.  I have provided a number of templates below along with examples of how to integrate them with the curriculum content.

What Are the Benefits of Technology Lapbooking?

  • Allows for more integration of technology in the labs using desktops or in the classrooms using AlphaSmarts/Neos, laptops, document cameras, and iPads
  • Provides an opportunity for student collaboration
  • Students are using problem-solving skills when designing technology projects and lapbooks
  • Meets SBEC Standard V requirements-  All teachers know how to plan, organize, deliver and evaluate instruction for all students that incorporates the use of current technology for teaching and integrating the TEKS in the curriculum

What Types of Materials Will I Need?

  • File Folders
  • Glue Sticks for Projects
  • Wide, Clear Packing Tape for File Folders
  • Scissors
  • Foldable Templates Saved to the Student Shared Drive 
  • Computers, AlphaSmarts/NEOs, Printer, Laptops, iPads, Digital cameras

How do I begin?

Begin with the end in mind.  Think about the questions you will be asking on your final assessment.  Your projects need to lead your students to be successful in understanding the concepts within a particular unit of study.  Then pair that concept with the appropriate template.  Below is an example using the Natural World for 4th grade.  Click here for a planning guide.

The resources below are housed on, a site that is blocked by our Internet filter. Click here and login twice with your credentials. All resources will be available for 90 minutes. You will not need to do this if outside the NEISD district.

The following templates are from Jim Holland  and Gaby Krumm @ Print Cut Fold

Awesome books for more awesome ideas!

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